Archival jigsaw puzzles

Rules of the game

Choose a jigsaw puzzle and click on Play. The picture will split into fragments, and your task is to put them together again, dragging the pieces from the lower to upper window. Between the windows, you can move freely, that is, move the jigsaw puzzle there and back in any way you like. For the easiest jigsaw puzzles, you will be able to use a whole set of clues, e.g. a greyed picture in the background or the possibility of seeing the correct solution while completing the jigsaw. When doing the most difficult jigsaws, you will not receive any clues. The tool has an integrated timer, thanks to which you can check how long it has taken you to match all the pieces.

When selecting the game, pay attention to the coloured strip highlighting the name - in this way you can check its level of difficulty.

Have fun!