What is old writing? 

Firstly, it is worth getting to know two ideas, covering the area of science dealing with the history of writing, which are:

  • palaeography – the science of old writing, researching both its works and methods for deciphering it,
  • neography – the science of modern writing.

Both belong to the group of sciences that help us to understand history, in other words, sciences dealing with issues that concern the work of historians. Among them, we can also find sigillography, that is, the science of seals, diplomatics – the science of documents and heraldry – the science of coats of arms.

The ability to decipher old writing is essential when conducting historical research. And not only professional research. It is also important for amateur historians and genealogists. Mastering this tool ensures independence during contact with historical documents. Thanks to this, you can read about the past straight from archival records by yourself.

Is this enough motivation for you to enter the world of old writing?

You can read more about the Old writing project here.