Declaration of accessibility

Declaration of accessibility of the Old writing website

The National Archives in Krakow, 22E Rakowicka Street, 31-510 Krakow, e-mail:, telephone: +48 12 370 56 00, fax: +48 12 370 56 98, is obliged to ensure accessibility of its website in accordance with the law of 4 April 2019 concerning the accessibility of the digital websites and mobile applications of public bodies. The declaration in the matter of accessibility is applicable to the Old writing website.

  • Date of publication of the website: 2016-12-19
  • Date of the latest major update: 2023-03-04

Status in terms of compliance with the law

The website is partially compliant  with the law concerning the accessibility of the digital websites and mobile applications of public bodies due to the non-compliance or exclusions listed below.

Fundamental comment: the website presents scans of archival materials (handwritten documents) with the goal of learning to decipher them; due to this goal, as well as the character and form of the presented graphic content, use of the website may be hindered or impossible for people with disabilities (especially for users with visual impairment).

Inaccessible content

  • no colour contrast option,
  • no option to increase the spacing between lines as well as between words and letters,
  • the option to increase the text size is only available for some parts of the content published on the website,
  • some text elements (heading colours and highlighting) have low contrast in relation to the background (below 4.5:1),
  • no option to use the page with a keyboard,
  • no skip links,
  • expandable menu in the page heading,
  • errors connected with incorrect heading structure,
  • parsing errors connected with the presentation of content that could cause problems with the interpretation of HTML tags by computer programs,
  • poor recognisability of links – links are highlighted using a colour with no contrast (they are highlighted only when the mouse scrolls over them),
  • information concerning the level of difficulty of exercises and games on the website (scale: easy, hard, very hard) is given only using colours,
  • the choice of links on the website leads to them being opened in a new window and there is no warning of this,
  • the use of two typefaces, with one being italics,
  • the slider on the main page is not able to automatically stop the contents scrolling,
  • the use of CAPTCHA security checks in contact forms and while ordering the newsletter, with the option of listening to alternative text in English,
  • not all graphic elements presented on the website have titles and alternative descriptions,
  • for graphic images available in Sample letters placed in particular Practical exercises, some of the titles and alternative descriptions are doubled (this concerns letters available in upper-case and lower-case versions),
  • the website uses specialist vocabulary,
  • graphic materials published on the website (scans of historical text documents) are selected on purpose due to their level of difficulty in deciphering; the window for exercises on the Practical exercises page is equipped with a 5x zoom, however, the properties of historical documents may hinder or make it impossible for them to be deciphered by people with disabilities,
  • the games under the Virtual Scriptorium tab and Mysteries of XVII century Krakow (under the Hidden Images tab) do not work. They are based on the Adobe Flash Player plug-in, which has lost manufacturer support since 2021 and, due to security vulnerabilities, its support has been disabled by web browsers.


  • some graphic files (archival materials in accordance with art. 1 of the law of 14 July 1983 concerning national archival resources and archives, Journal of Laws 2020 pos. 164) are excluded from the obligation to ensure digital accessibility, as the creation of digital accessibility would be connected with significant costs,
  • some of the content on the website is not used for tasks currently conducted by the Archives and has not been updated since 23 September 2019, or redesigned and changed based on, in particular, changes in appearance or structure of the presented information or changes in the way of publishing information.

Preparation of the declaration regarding accessibility

  • The declaration was prepared on: 2020-09-22
  • The declaration was last reviewed and updated on: 2024-03-26

The declaration was prepared based on a self-assessment.

Feedback and contact data

Edyta Lelek, coordinator of accessibility in the National Archives in Krakow, is responsible for dealing with comments and proposals , e-mail:, telephone: +48 12 370 56 30.

All people have the right to:

  • send comments concerning the digital accessibility of the website or its elements,
  • demand digital accessibility of the website or its elements,
  • apply to ensure accessibility to non-accessible information in another alternative form.

The demand must contain:

  • contact details of the person making the demand,
  • information about the website or element of the website that the demand concerns,
  • information about the suitable form of accessibility, if the demand concerns the accessibility of non-accessible information in an alternative form.


Such demands should be dealt with immediately, within 7 days at the latest. If, in this time, the accessibility or access in an alternative form is not possible, it should take place within 2 months of the demand being made.

Claims and appeals

If these deadlines are not met, as well as if the demand is refused, it is possible to make a claim to the supervisory body by post or e-mail to:

Claims can also be submitted to the Polish Ombudsman.

Architectural accessibility

The National Archives in Krakow has its headquarters at 22E Rakowicka Street in Krakow, 2 local branches in Nowy Sącz and Tarnów, as well as 1 office - in Nowy Targ. Addresses, descriptions and maps of particular locations can be found at:
Currently, no building apart from the main office at 22E Rakowicka Street in Krakow is adapted for use by people with disabilities.

Additional information


  • it is possible to use standard keyboard shortcuts on the website,
  • it is possible to find information through: the site map, browser and menu (list of contents),
  • the website uses breadcrumb navigation

Other information and statement

The National Archives in Krakow does not currently ensure the option to communicate using sign language. We do not provide access to any mobile application either.
Ensuring the accessibility of services is a process. We are trying to ensure the accessibility and usability of our website, however, if you have any comments, please contact the coordinator of accessibility in the National Archives in Krakow - Edyta Lelek, e-mail address:, tel. +48 12 370 56 30.