Virtual scriptorium

Rules of the game

In our Virtual scriptorium, three scribes are employed. Each of them represents a different period: medieval, the early modern and the XIX century. Unofficially, a forger works with them – you decide yourself if you want to use his services.

How can you play? It's easy – choose one of the writers and commission him to write a text. For this purpose, you can use the keyboard or choose letters from the board with a mouse. The scribe will write down any text containing up to 100 characters. If you are satisfied with his work, you can print the text or save it as a pdf file.

The basic letters of the alphabet are available on the board. In order to obtain a Polish letter, first choose alt from the board and then the letter (for capital letters – first choose caps). Using a keyboard, the same letters as those on the board are available, as well as rarely-used letters of the Latin alphabet (q, v, x).

It's possible that you can not use the letter you have chosen, which means that the scribe did not use it. Then you can use the letters prepared by the forger. You can judge if he completed the task well and if he succeeded in maintaining historical credibility. And remember that it's only a little fun!

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