Exercise 22

Lied der Krakusen

Fragment of the patriotic song Krakow scythe-bearers. The presented text is one of a few existing variants of the piece which was probably created in the 1830s (peasant divisions of scythe-bearers were created during the time of the November Uprising, just like in 1794, during the Kosciuszko Insurrection).

The text of the song was written by Ambroży Grabowski, a Krakow researcher, book-seller and collector living in 1782-1868, the author of numerous works, mainly about Krakow. Part of his collection, combined by him in the form of a portfolio, is stored in the Archives. The portfolio contains illustrative materials, documents, press cuttings and leaflets, etc., from the 16th to the 19th century, collected by Grabowski throughout his whole life, and often accompanied by his comments. These materials currently represent invaluable material concerning the history of  Krakow, various towns and villages, the events of Poland, Polish literature and art, and are very often used by researchers.

ANK, Collection of Ambroży Grabowski, ref. no. 29/679/83