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A letter of good harvest issued for Rudolf Wacław Negedlo

The document was issued in 1738 by Rudolf Franciszek Hagen, parish priest of St. Procopius church in Obcy Czeslicke (probably town of Čestlice near Prague). It was written in Czech, on parchment, with a wax seal of Rudolf Franciszek Hagen. The first three lines of the document are decorated, with the figures of Saint Rudolf and Saint Wenceslaus among the floral ornaments.
A letter of good harvest, in other words a birth certificate from a legal marriage, was required in order to obtain town rights. It had to be presented by the applicant for citizenship in a given town (other conditions were also necessary, such as the payment of fees, or the purchase of property in the town).

ANK, Collection of parchment documents, ref. no. 29/657/1001