Exercise 24

Correspondence of the Galician Regional Government from 1804 concerning the destruction of the town walls in Krakow

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Austrian rulers decided to destroy the medieval town walls in Krakow. The fortifications were in poor condition, gradually falling into a state of ruin, and the moat was polluted and silted. Destroying the walls was supposed to create a Krakow as “a healthy, clean, comfortable and beautiful town”. At the same time, building materials were to be obtained for new investments.

View of the fortifications of Krakow from the north, Z.K. Woynarowski
ANK, Collection of Ambroży Grabowski, ref. no. 29/679/14


The demolition took place in the years 1810-1814, the moat was filled, the town walls and towers started to be destroyed. The fragment of the fortifications by Florianska Gate, which survives until today, was saved thanks to the intervention of Feliks Radwański, senator of the Free Town of Krakow, a professor of Jagiellonian University and an architect.

ANK, Government Records, ref. no. 29/67/4