Exercise 11

Book of acceptance of Krakow town rights (Liber iuris civilis civitatis Cracoviae) from the years 1493-1555

The selected fragment contains entries concerning the granting of town rights to three people. One of them is Stanisław Stwosz (Stenczel Stosh), the son of Wit Stwosz. Although he came from Krakow, he paid for using town rights after his father had resigned from them.

The book of acceptance of town rights was maintained by the town council, and protocols of granting town rights to people arriving in Krakow were recorded. Thanks to this, they could settle in the town and take advantage of the rights and privileges that the residents of Krakow had. In order to obtain them, it was necessary to fulfil some conditions, e.g. to come from Krakow or prove your origin and flawless behaviour in your previous place of residence, to marry or buy a home in the town and to pay the necessary fees. The entries were  written in a short form, with the name, sometimes surname and profession of the new citizen as well as information concerning the legitimation for obtaining town rights and the level of fees payable.

ANK, Krakow Town Records, ref. no. Rkps 1422