Exercise 3

Certificate of morality issued for Władysław Ludwik Anczyc in 1854 in Krakow

Władysław Ludwik Anczyc (1823-1883)
J. Schübeler, undated, wood carving,
ANK, Iconographic collection, ref. no. B-III-86

The certificate was issued by the board of the All Saints Collegiate Church parish in Krakow. The document confirmed the religious and decent behaviour of the pharmacist (Anczyc studied pharmacy at Jagiellonian University) during his stay in Krakow.

Attention was also given to the high moral and impeccable lifestyle of the poet, thanks to which, as emphasised, he obtained the regard of the surrounding community.


ANK, Personal and family records - collections of remnants, ref. no. 29/645/3