Kupala Night

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przy Brzegu
w Krakowie
burzliwe fali

Wianki at Na Groblach Square near Wawel Castle

A poster with information about an event organised by the Maritime and Colonial League as well as the Rowing Section of the Falcon Gymnastics Society in Krakow on 20 June (no year mentioned).
The celebration of the shortest night of the year (approx. 21-22 June) is connected with the summer solstice. During this night (for Slavs it was known as Kupala Night or Sobótka, while in Christian tradition – it was celebrated on the eve of Saint John's Day), bonfires were lit, around which there were dances and through which people jumped, fortune-telling took place, wreaths were released on to the water, and people bathed in rivers and lakes.
According to legend, only on this night does the mythical fern flower bloom, which if found brings wealth and prosperity.

ANK, Collection of Posters, ref. no. 29/665/2744