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1.Theuerster !
2. Freudig es dir entgegen,
3. Vater! dieses voll Lust;
4. Wünscht dir Glück und
5. Aus der reinsten der Brust.
6. Deine , Welterhalter!
7. Trägt uns alle, groß und ,
8. Segne und laß sein Alter
9. wie meine Jugend seyn.
10. Am 4tn Oktober 1847 Edmund

Birthday wishes from 1847

A simple verse with wishes, most probably birthday wishes, given by little Edmund to his father (undefined).

Probably due to the importance of the domestic celebration – the boy used decorative stationery and carefully wrote the text of the nursery rhyme. Earlier, he took care about the proportions of the whole text, drawing lines on the card with a pencil. Just in case the quill did not want to hold an even line...

ANK, Personal and family records - collections of remnants, ref. no. 29/645/61